Sies man! How dare you spit on the blood which was spilt, to free us from an inhumane system?

How exactly was life better when black people lived in a constant state of fear? How was it better when black people HAD TO carry a dompass? Do you realise that if you worked in Rosebank, it meant it was illegal for you to be in Sandton? Had you been found in Sandton, you would be beaten, sent to jail or both.

There was a total restriction of black people’s movements.

On the subject of Sandton…you wouldn’t be allowed to live there let alone buy property.

It is the struggle for freedom, which is responsible for us going anywhere, as we please.

It is because of the brave men and women who burnt their passes; who marched on the Union building. It is because of the people who rebelled. These are the people responsible for our rights to walk OUR land freely.

How was apartheid better when it led to the breakdown of our families? In traditional African culture, the family is the central focus of the people. Our men were taken from us. They were taken to go dig our gold to empower the Oppenheimers, DeBeers and other foreigners.

Apartheid did not separate white men from their families…like it did to us.

Why do you think, there are generations of black children who were raised by single mothers? Black men were separated from their families for economic reasons. Now we are dealing with the aftermath of boys who were not raised by their fathers.

Boys who were raised by the violence they saw on tv and in the streets of the townships.

We have boys who don’t know how to parent and take responsibility.

Absent fathers is a culture which was created by the effects of apartheid. HOW was it better?

Police brutality was at an obscene level during apartheid. It was a common sight to see dead, black, bullet-riddled bodies scattered in the streets. 6 month old babies were being buried from the teargas attacks. Primary school children were shot at point blank. The police would bring tankers into family communities and shoot.

Our people were thrown from 10 storeys up at John Vorster Square and they ‘slipped on soap’ and died.

Many families didn’t get a chance to bury their kin. Every day with your family could have been your last.

Apartheid killed multitudes of thousands of our people.

90% of the population was moved to 10% of the land, while 10% of the population was given the STOLEN 90%. The Bantu homelands act meant that they threw us into little corners. We were no longer citizens of South Africa.

Lol! Imagine. A visitor comes to your house, throws you out and makes you live in the garage, and THEN says it’s not your house!!!! Basically, the land issue of south Africa needs to be addressed.

When our people moved to the cities, there too, they were delegated to townships (concentration camps,) far from the ‘civilised’ white people.

An efficient public transport system was developed to get the blacks into town for work and back to the ‘ghetto’ after work. Black people would be arrested for being in white areas after certain hours. I know you youth like grooving in Sandton and Rosebank….during apartheid that would have NEVER happened. You are living the dream. Recognise.

The architect of apartheid Hendrik Verwoerd was initially the minister of Native Affairs.

Do you realise that these people ‘studied the native?’ Kuyagezwa apha emhlabeni shame.

There was an intentional effort to psychologically break down black people; and break their power and systems.

White people gathered their intellectuals and formulated a system which was designed solely to break us and force us into modern day slaves.

Nowadays I hear you complain of service delivery. If there are no toilets and electricity in the rural areas now, I can assure you… they weren’t there during apartheid either. Apartheid took away our voice to complain of such.

During Apartheid, the basic human rights of black people were violated. Today is NOTHING like apartheid. If it was, then,

  1. We would put all the white people into ghettos. Shoot them down until they submit. Put them in buses and send them somewhere shitty to live.
  2. We would make white people carry passes, explaining exactly where they are from and what they are doing in the city amongst us civilised folk.
  3. We would give dirty and menial jobs to white people. Things like cleaning toilets, housekeeping FOR blacks, construction work, being tellers, mining. Gardening would be reserved for whites only, not landscaping or fancy names….white men would be garden boys.
  4. We would create a dumb downed education system for white people because all they would need to know is technical work….nothing intellectual.
  5. We would make white men leave their families to come work in the cities and leave white women to raise the children and make means for themselves in those concentration camps.
  6. We would make white women leave the concentration camps and come live our backrooms while they take care of our children and clean our shit.
  7. We would have ONLY black management. White people would only get jobs at the lowest level.
  8. We would ban white people from socialising with us. We would create 2ndgrade facilities for them to use. They would live in an environment that says “NO WHITES!”
  9. And if white people dared to complain about ANYTHING, we would shoot them! Gun them down like Sharpville! White bullet riddled bodies would be a common sight in the streets.
  10. We would put all the brave and ‘clever whites’ in jail or push them off the 10thfloor by accident.
  11. We would kill their children. We would call their fathers, ‘boy.’
  12. We would ban all their churches and FORCE them to slaughter sheep for our ancestors. Humble themselves at izangoma zethu.
  13. These are just SOME of the things that we would be doing if black government was anything like the apartheidSo, next time you want to utter this offensive statement…I need you to think 12 times!

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