Artists often receive fans emails and inbox messages via social media platforms; however there will always be that one letter that attracts their attention.

Take Demor Skhosana, for instance, the multi-talented musician woke up on Saturday morning to a heartfelt 393-word letter from one of his fans – Kamo – that left him inspired and decided to share it with thousands of his fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The letter reads:

Dear Demor 

You may not know me and you may not read this inbox because you’re so busy but I just wanna say I thank God you were there when I was growing up.

You knew pain, sacrifice, and loss yet you were always filled with joy. You once went through a hardship but your heart stayed strong and generous. No one ever heard you say an unkind word or complain. I wonder if you realized how much I want to be like you. How I would love to be one of your artists. How you groomed an artist like Bucie and made her who she is today. I hope one day you’ll get a chance to listen to my songs. Be my mentor, advise and critic when necessary. Being like you is my dream come true. The level of energy and faith you have at your age is so inspiring.

You were my hero the way you courageously battled against the negativity that marked your days with pain and suffering. Sleeplessness and weakness never left your side. But you carried it all with grace filled with love. Your body began to shut down but your heart continued to beat powerfully, always thinking about taking care of others. Thank you for bringing joy to my life, and the inspiration I will carry on because of you.

Your life has been riddled in tragedy, loss, challenges. Who could blame you if were cynical, hardened or miserable? Instead, you turned every drop of adversity into a continuous stream of overflowing compassion. Though there were dark clouds hovering over your circumstances, you always spotted the bright side and were a guiding light to others. Your faith, courage, strength and love have uplifted and inspired everyone in your circle.

Thanks for touching my life and inspiring me with your music and generosity, your dedication to your family, for not giving up, for every kind and encouraging word, for wisdom, for your selflessness, for courageously blazing past set-backs and pushing beyond the boundaries of what’s possible. Because of who you are, I have become a better me and hopefully touch people the way you have.

Thank you with all my heart!



Touched by Kamo’s letter, the thankful Demor Music founder wrote: “This young man has inspired me so early in the morning with his kind words. Thank you Kamo ????”

Image credit: Facebook. 

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