There is a general perception that the self-proclaimed billionaire in the making, DJ Sbu, often trends for all the wrong reasons on social network – Twitter.

If wrongdoing is what scores the 38-year-old entrepreneur, born Sbusiso Leope, a regular hashtag slot on Twitter, it is unlikely that the remarkable story of Hloni Mohlala – a rape victim who credited her success to SLEF (Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation) – will earn him a top spot on the trending topics in South Africa.

In honour of the creator of MoFaya energy drink, Mohlala – a singer, philanthropist, speaker, founder and CEO of a women’s foundation called Yellow Diamonds Foundation, who has been working with SLEF over the past five years – bravely shared her rape recovery journey on Instagram.

Hlo Sbu

Hloni Mohlala, DJ Sbu and SLEF Foundation colleague. Picture credit: Instagram.

My journey with SLEF (Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation) has been one eye opening one. I saw SLEF on Twitter 4/5 years ago changing lives. I took it upon myself to want to be part of such a personal movement.

I contacted Sbusiso Leope & requested to join them as the selflessly without fail visited schools 3 times a week throughout the year. 

On my first school visit I realized I was the first Female to be part of SLEF, I then saw a place where changing lives was not just a job but a way of life, a lifestyle.

I was welcomed with open arms, and made comfortable to share my rape survivor story. The more I shared that story with young girls through SLEF I was encouraged & felt like my wound was healing. At every school I shared that story becoming more bold & assertive, also strong it resonated with a lot of young women that we encountered as a team.

Our work isn’t just about dealing with good grades and giving bursaries but we nurture the character and real life stories that prevent our youngsters from achieving their goals and the full potential or capacity. A lot may try deface this amazing work of God that we do through SLEF but many fail to do what we do. Waking up at 5am to get to a school by 7am incorporating your busy schedule in all that isn’t a joke, but because we want to be the CHANGE we want to see. We do it.

I’ve grown to love & appreciate this foundation to the point where SLEF inspired me to begin my own Girls Foundation called Yellow Diamonds Foundation.

I am now a CEO & Founder through SLEF and I mentor young women. SLEF doesn’t only change lives, it nurtures lives & grooms them.
Who would have thought 5 years ago I would be this person? – yeah no one, so I always say people shouldn’t point fingers when they aren’t standing up to make the change themselves. 

We are just a bunch of determined young people doing what Gods put in our hearts to share with the world at large, not just in SA.


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