I am a father not only to Ntokozo but to any child that I can make a difference in. I can’t allow my status or integrity to tarnish my relationship with a child, I am making a difference because I am a father.

I am glad that I grew up without a father so that I know exactly what it feels like to a child that wishes to be fathered; I am not a father because of my sperm, but am a father because of responsibility. With or without sperm, I am a father.

It takes the ability to respond positively to a needy child to be a father, a child without a father is still a child, but a man who donates sperm and impregnates a woman and runs away is not a father but a sperm donor.

We have to come out of the norm that embraces the wrong kind of a man. If we don’t, we are promoting fatherless children. This community needs us to stand for the truth as men and be responsible for our actions.

If we claim to be leaders, we need not to speak words but act words! Our women call us dogs not because they choose to but our behaviour propagates the sad reality. We don’t have to speak to defend ourselves against names unless we can back it up with our actions!

I am a father. I am a father to a child. I am a father to every child. There is no orphan as long as I am still breathing inside out.

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