Nelisiwe Mahlangu

Nelisiwe Mahlangu, who wrote an open letter to Zola. Picture: Facebook.

If Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka Zola 7, thinks no one cares about his struggle, he is mistaken.

The multi-talented star, 37, who used to be described as a hero and adored by millions of South Africans, has hit the rock bottom as his difficult circumstances led him to sell his music from his car boot.

When Sunday Sun revealed the sad story last week, the public reacted in disbelief and many were touched by his downfall.

“I haven’t got any deal yet. But at this point in time, I carry my CDs wherever I get booked to perform. After my performance I open my boot and sell my music. It’s tough because sometimes I don’t even sell that many,” the TV presenter and award-winning artist told the paper.

He continued: “I’m also hoping that my old fans will support me in these difficult days. They may contact me direct or via Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp to buy my album.”

One of  the people who tried to reach out to Zola was TV presenter and actress Nonhle Thema, who posted an appeal to her 217K Twitter followers in search for the struggle musician.

“Guys please help me I’m looking for Zola7. ..that’s my brother won’t let him suffer while I’m still here…Please assist. ..Thank You,” she tweeted.

Nonhle is not the only South African who has made an effort to help out the faded Kwaito star, Nolisiwe Mahlangu – a concerned varsity student who grew up watching episodes of Zola 7, the inspirational TV show hosted by Zola, that motivated her to be where she is today – wants South Africa to bring Zola back! And she went as far as opening a Facebook page (Bring Back Our Hero – Zola). This was after she wrote an open letter to Zola, which has been shared by almost 400 Facebook users.

An open letter to Zola:

Izolo lokhu (Yesterday), you were making people’s dreams come true. You fed the needy with your kids’ money. You travelled countries representing South Africa as a servant, leaving abo Mvelo, Lwandle, Bambatha, Nyezi emuva with no one protecting your family against all odds.

You cried daily when you heard stories of infants who were not being taken care of. You stood up and influenced big companies like Cell C to help you feed the needy and the orphans. You left your mother waya emazweni (and travelled countries)…

You took out money from your own pocket and paid school fees of girls from Tanzania (Dara Salam) who were prostitutes and they changed since that day to become an asset to that country. You represented South Africa in African countries until you were honoured by the Shakur family as the 2pac [Shakur]  wase (of) Mzansi.

 Nkosi Sikelela I Africa, Is this how we are going to honour and celebrate our heroes’ downfall?

Zola I believe in you, I don’t care what the media is saying about you. This is not a downfall to you… this is a temporary setback. You’ll bounce back. Ngizokulinda uzubuye ( we will wait for you until you come back). The devil and his people ngeke balunge (they will never succeed). Qina ndoda ekhaya babheke wena (Be strong man, they look up to you at home). I wish Steve Biko was still alive to see this stupid journalist who celebrate the downfall of a black man… not just a man but a Hero to many. I salute you #‎Hola_7

Asked why she decided to write an open letter to Zola, speaking to The Voice of SA, Nolisiwe said: “That’s what I needed, we want him back. I come from a non-stable background, but watching Zola 7 episodes I got motivated. I was still in high school back then. I made it to varsity, though things were rough back at home. I will be doing my final year next year and all thanks to Zola. He made me believe in myself.”

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13 Responses

  1. sii Mtshweni

    hay we2 your article is so inspiring, we need ppl like u…..lets bring back our hero Zola7

    • Duncan Mtshweni

      wathinta abafazi wathint imbokodo…m4(Nelly) u r a reall mbokodo…big up.

  2. Matlhatsi Ramoba

    “Somlinda Ngengoma,Yeah-Yeah-Yeah”
    Siyabonga Nelly, we all behind you 100%, we want Zola back, if they don’t bring him back, we will bring him back!

  3. Thabiso Afrika

    Zola cina ndoda, this is a season and will pass, Mzansi still loves and we belive in you as much as you believe in us, having a nightmare must not stop you from dreaming.
    “Thula ungakhali please sula zo’nyembezi, bamb’isandla sam my people ekasi” this are your very own words, and I tell you same. Keep on keeping and thina we will keep on praying for you.

  4. Sir Dolph Zikhulule Makhoba

    Zola will always be a Hero,all this is just ” An Advert “,its gonna be over soon and His Move will continue

  5. moses xolo

    hey nolisiwe wayibeka lento yazi nami ingthinta kakhulu indaba kazola.wuyen mculi engangihlezi ngilinde icd yakhe entsha ngoba ngazi kahle uhlezi ezokhipha ulozolo.kuzoba wumzambiya ngangiyikhonzile lentwana and ngjabula kakhulu njengoba ibonakala ibuya kwezobumnandi isihayela ijika majika i hope ukubuya kwayo ke manje.

  6. phindy

    hi Zola kanti y? ungasenzi ishowu yakho lena owawusizakhona abantu ukufeza amaphupho abo plz iyenze futhi ngiyacela


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