WhatsApp messenger may have been accused for its contribution to most relationships/marriages breakdown lately, but to Ruth Mashitu – a devoted Christian who was born in Angola and raised in Zambia – the instant messenger App has been a Godly platform to engage with fellow Christians.

Ruth, 36, who is a therapist and hairdresser at Scala Unisex Salon in Carlton Centre mall, Johannesburg, opened a WhatsApp Church group three months ago, to engage with God loving devotees – and it has already attracted almost 100 group members from different continents such as Africa, Europe and the US.

God’s unfailing love for Ruth was the inspiration behind the launch of the instant messenger’s fellowship group – and she is also in the mission to ‘win back lost souls to God’.

Ruth wants to change the perception of people who view instant messages as the platform to exchange inappropriate pictures by spreading the word of God.

The Joburg-based christian says people post nude images on social networks, which are likely to be seen by kids. So as God fearing parents, brothers and sisters, this is one of the topics we discuss and try to find a solution on how to deal with these kind of issues going forward.

But the group does not only discussing problems, even when group members experience God’s words fulfilled lives of their own, they invite family and friends to join the chat group and celebrate together.

The delighted Ruth says: “What is exciting about it [WhatsApp Church group] is that we can all read the conversation or the topic immediately after it is posted and responds.

“If it needs to be discussed we do so; or if it is to be prayed for, we will agree to go off line at a certain time and come back online to post our prayers.

Ruth continues: “Sometimes people have situations and they need advice, we pray for that person and ask God to intervene in the situation. We all need God and each other because we can never make it on our own. This world is a life of trials and tribulations.”

Mashitu reckons this is another option for Christians, who hardly find time to travel for church’s get together, to discuss the word of the mighty Lord.

“Most times people come online when they are free because it is not a must that everyone has to say something; it depends on how the spirit of God leads you,” says Ruth.

With the group already growing faster than anticipated, Ruth’s satisfactory’s achievement would be to get more people on the journey of love, faith unto God and save the unsaved souls into the Kingdom of God.

People who are SERIOUSLY interested in joining the group can reach out to “Ruth Mashitu” on Facebook before giving out their numbers to be added in the group.

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