I am a media practitioner who is unable to complete my 2nd and 3rd year in college due to lack of fees. I do not have parents, I have been living with my biological Uncle who has eventually stopped paying my school fees and is kicking me out of his home following being incriminated by his first born daughter who has always seen me as her competitor and trying to take her space.

Items like 2 professional cameras Nikon and Canon, 2 disco speakers, laptop, PC memory drives, gas cylinder, guitar, and recently money of 200 Euros went missing in the house…and my cousin who has been drinking and coming home late in the night with friends while her Father is away on business trip pinned all this on me and since I have no evidence of her coming with friends in the house no one believed me. She drinks, she spends money on friends and all that she is very materialistic, whenever I would try to speak to her she would scream and say ”I have no right to tell her anything in her father’s house” …she would continue and say ”I am as good as dead to her” which scares me a lot since she sleeps with a knife under her pillow.

I am under house arrest, my phone has been confiscated, I can’t make contacts to the Radio station where I have been working as an on-air broadcaster intern. I am only praying this laptop is not taken away too.

Life is difficult; I have nobody else to help me acquire a qualification besides my Uncle who his daughter has turned me into a bad person.

I am here to seek for help and fundraise for my education and able to afford campus accommodation for the 2 remaining years 2017-2018.   I am shuttered; my whole life is going down the drain. I kindly look forward to any of your donations and I will be grateful with every help from any of you.

To donate, please follow the following link: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/to-complete-my-journalism-course-at-a-media-school

Thank you.

April Smangele Cwinya-ai


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