By Tshepo Motsitsi

Tshepo Motsitsi

Tshepo Motsitsi

I am an African! I’m of a people with a proud heritage, who are revered story tellers, distinguished scholars, intellectuals.

I am descended from a people who endured prejudice, a people who rallied together to defeat an unjust system, a people who know how to overcome.

I need not hate other cultures in order to love and appreciate my culture.

I have experienced prejudice, it follows that I shall fight prejudice of any kind.

Those of my fellow Africans who have decided to hate are lazy to think and most importantly they are lazy to build.

The attempt to turn love of African heritage into a hate of Europeans is not only misdirected but also damn stupid.

Yes racism is alive and well in our beloved country but for us to willingly descend to the level where we part take in hate will only destroy us all.

Hate is ugly and will consume and destroy us! Hate is energy sapping and only yields negative results.

I choose to rise above racism I hope you will join me.

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  1. May

    I dont see color, creed or texture of hair. I see a HUMAN BEING created by GOD.
    What We need to do is learn to Love N Live with one another.


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