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“Hey brother! You kill me, thinking you will rule, but the swallows will do that.”

This was King Shaka’s words to his brother Dingane when he was assasinating him. Indeed 200 years later after Shaka screamed these words in terror, the swallows still roam and rule my blackness..maybe Shaka did not have enough power to wad off the swallows. But he had the awareness, the courage and the wisdom to discern the good and the bad that the west brought to our land.

And he knew that inevitable as we turned against each other, our land would be swallowed by the swallows, and we would have nothing land, no pride, no identity.

Yes it is 200 years later, and yes my people die like flies from nutrition related chronic illnesses. There is just not enough land for my blackness to eat..the swallows have come, and built empires of commercials..when I cannot bear measuring up to the standards of flashy cars and glittering lifestyle, I stuff myself with sweets, injected meat and all that the stomach can carry..and slowly I die!!!!

My children cannot even speak vernacular, but can however not speak enough English to stop the swallows from dictating where, how, when the black man should exist. My children’s brains are so stuffed up with all the junk that the media and commercial food markets can feed them. They just cannot see beyond the next pair of expensive sneakers and jeans..their souls are scattered everywhere, in a bid to find they drown themselves in drugs and everflowing alcohol..indulging in unrestricted sexual explorations at ages younger than 15

I pay thousands of rands a month for the piece of land which I reside. Maybe for half of my life I will..yes it is practicality….a black man lives to pay debts, there is just no other meaning to life. This is how things turned out to be after all the segragation and oppression was done..but is this the future we hope for?

On 22 September 1828, his bodyguard Mbopha, and his half-brothers Dingane and Mhlangana, stabbed Shaka near his military barracks at Dukuza. As the great King Shaka’s life ebbed away, he called out to his brother Dingane:“Hey brother! You kill me, thinking you will rule, but the swallows will do that.”

Writer: Thakane Masibi

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