People sign up to online social networking site, Facebook, for various reasons: networking, sharing photos, engage in current affair debates, searching for soul mates, to name a few.

Besides the negative side that comes with Facebook experience, one may agree that it has opened doors for ordinary people to connect with their idols – even to an extent that having a conversation with well-known individuals in various professions is no longer a distance reality.

One of the respected South African icons in the world of acting industry is Duma ka Ndlovu – the executive director and founder at Word of Mouth Pictures – whose presence on Facebook has been described as a ‘blessing’ by those benefiting from his free guidance.

You may ask: what tempted the creator of Muvhango soap opera to join Facebook?

In his own words – 347 words, to be precise – posted on his Facebook page (11 000+ Likes), Ndlovu shares reasons that convinced his decision to sign up to Marl Elliot Zuckerberg 12-year-old famous child: Facebook.

If I was on facebook to be praised, I would have given up long ago
If I was on facebook for people to agree with me, I would not still be here.
If I was on facebook to be liked, I would have missed the point
I took a conscious decision to be on facebook knowing fully well that I will be swimming against the tide.
I took a decision to be on facebook because I saw an opportunity to talk to young people.
I did not see enough people my age, and my experience, who were talking to young people
I saw a gap, and wanted to fill it.
I knew it was not going to be easy,
I knew that I would not be popular,
But at the very least, I wanted the young people to hear the truth
Indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili.
I did not mind being the bearer of bad news, as long as a few young people’s eyes would be open
I also wanted to focus solely on actors and acting, and of course those who want to be actors….
I wanted to share with them truths and secrets and skills,
and also tell them that it is not an easy industry
because it is not
and tell them just how important education is
because it is…
And this point in particular, I knew, will get me into serious fights with those who have either failed to achieve this or who had lost hope, and there are so many of those…
But I also knew, that there would be a few who would be inspired, encouraged even, and those are the ones I am interested in…

I am not on facebook to agree with you or to tell you something that you want to hear
I am on facebook to help those who are willing to accept my help
and it does not cost a penny….
and I hope to do this with all the humility that God has visited upon me….

God bless you all on this bright Sunday morning

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Born in Orlando West, Soweto, South African, Duma ka Ndlovu is a filmmaker, poet, playwright, journalist, and TV producer. He was professor of African history and African-American literature at New York's Stoneybrook University in the eighties and between 1996 and 2004 he was chairman of the SA Music Awards (SAMA).

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