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JonaJohannes Nape travelled all over South Africa showcasing djing talent before he relocated to UK in 2002, where he continued pursuing his career as a DJ – and he is now back in his homeland, South Africa, running HD Designed business company.

At the beginning of life in the UK Nape – known as DJ Jonape from Soweto, Mapetla – met a musical likely-minded friend and fellow South African, the late DJ Stacoli. Together, they began to collect vinyls at a local HMV store in Norwich, East of England, but they didn’t have anywhere to play them.

However the duo saved enough money and purchased belt drive turntables and a mixer. What followed next for the two inseparable Djs were dance parties almost every weekend, getting bookings from some of the big South African gigs in England including: Club Afrique (London); Millennium Club (London); First Slick Management Boat Party (London); Mojo night club (Norwich); Surrey, Leeds and Manchester to name but a few.

Whilst Joe’s popularity grew as a respected South African DJ in England, one day a fortune smiled on him when he was contacted by Dalu Moloantoa to enquire if would be interested in radio broadcasting for Ipswich town radio station in Suffolk. This was a great deal for Jonape, who didn’t hesitate in grabbing the opportunity with both hands.

But six months later Joe moved to Norwich permanently. There, he met DJ Andy James. With radio experience in the bag, Joe’s brief encounter with James led to his arranged meeting with Tom Buckham, the then Future Radio station manager in Norwich, with a proposal to host a South African show.

His exotic idea was warmly accepted and Joe was granted Saturday slot, playing music close to his heart – South African music. He named the show Jam Shack and later renamed it Mzansi Show. His legacy of playing his part to promote South African music abroad remains one his best UK experience highlights.

Nape came back to South Africa in 2012 to start his own graphic and website designing company called HD Designed. Based in Johannesburg, the 34-year-old businessman said the company caters for small to big businesses.

Whether you are looking for a modern corporate design, or image which incorporate the characteristics of your business with a more personal feel, the team will work with you to produce a finished product that not only delights HD Designed brand, but will delight you and your customers.

Nape says his professionalism and putting clients’ satisfaction first is the reason HD Designed is yet to receive any complain.

Johannes always ensures that his employees act and do their work professionally and he believes his success is the ability to being able to take calculated risks after consulting with many different advisers as possible and informing himself about everything that the industry entails.

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