Dear_POwing to this concept of Braai Day, I am forced to have this honest and somewhat uncomfortable conversation with you. I had hoped that since you have grown white people, they would teach you better…but they have not.

Let’s start at the beginning……my dear white people, you are not descendants of this land called Afrika. Afrika has its own children that it has birthed and nurtures.

It is written in the history books (which your people wrote) that you came from Holland, France, Britain, Spain…..all these are European countries.

The moral of the story is….You are descendants of Europe.

You are the children of Elizabeth, Hitler, Bismarck and others that built their legacy on stealing lands and making people slaves.

Indeed this is not necessarily a history one would be proud of, but it is what it is, and you are now in a position to ‘Do Right.’

There are certain behaviours which provoke the hell out of Africans…..most of these issues are centred around your SELF importance. What is it about you white people that makes you think that your thoughts, ideas and existence is more important than other races?

This confuses me because you did not build your own empires, we built them for you.

You did not raise you own children, we did that for you.

You did not stand up when the injustices of Apartheid were happening, we stood up for ourselves.

The white liberals are now going to be up in arms, but in all honesty, white liberals did not have to carry Dompasses, they could go wherever they pleased and the very same white liberals benefitted from white privilege. So tell me, ‘How do you know someone’s struggle…..when you have never struggled?’ GFOH

You have been on this land for over 500 years and yet have been too damn arrogant to learn the language. In school, you make your children take subjects like French and German….How is French and German going to help you communicate with the majority black people of this land? My people can speak your European language and they don’t even live in Europe….you live in Afrika and you don’t know the language? With all due respect but that is Dumb as F***

When you white people speak to a group of black people why do you speak ‘stupid’ English? That thing where you talk down to black workers makes you look stupid.

I don’t know if its ignorance, arrogance or a desire to be asked to go back to your lands which makes you disrespect our Heritage Day by calling it Braai day…but I can promise you that this concept is extremely provocative and may I remind you that you are in the minority.

This racist concept of yours where you want us to erase our heritage will quickly lead to a ‘Zimbabwe’ situation……yes you know that situation where white people got chased off the land? Yes….THAT situation.

Even in your own homes, if a guest had to disrespect how you do things in YOUR own house…you would ask them to leave.

My dear white South Africans, my generation is not the apartheid generation. We do not have a psychological fear of white people. We were born in a time where we CHOOSE to forgive you…don’t abuse our humility.

Heritage day is a day where we celebrate the story of South Africa, the story of its people, cultures and traditions. It is a day where we celebrate African kings and queens who have ruled us and have given birth to our nations. It is a day where the African child hears their own story. The other 365 days of the year we are heavily inundated in white culture……24 September is the ONE day where we can be proudly black.

How dare you downgrade a day of African Pride to Beers and a braai………


We get it though……we get why you would rather have a beer and a braai than celebrate the military genius that King Shaka Zulu was….

It’s just that…when in AFRIKA…you do as the AFRIKANS.

Qha ke

Kind Regards

Your rainbow nations counterparts

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  1. jason

    Fristly I want to say hello and how are you, secondly we have just made the beer and braai thing our heritage because we never had one…….. 20 years have past now and we really need to move on and forget about the past. We whites dont have any movements in SA anymore as you can see for example the DA is for both on the racecard, individuality should be seen as a new light because we all dont share the same views and opinions. We have many cultures in SA in which every individual should show respect, if you as an individual cant show that respect then there is no place for you in SA, then you really should go back to Europe, England and other countries where your forefathers came from……….I for one is seriously convinced that individuallty should be taken more serious, because there is no white movements in SA, we whites have long ago realised the damage that our forefathers have caused upon the people of this land, it was wrong and it was brutal. ?…we cant change the past and make it right but we can work together and make a new future for our children and thier children in years to come, but it will never happen if we keep digging up the past . It somehow has a huge affect in the thought process of how we make desscissons in our day to day activities…… a working environment at the work place we all know we become successful when we work with positive thoughts…negatively is a tool that destroys the base core in the work place. And the same applies in the real world outside the work place. if we all just put our heads together and come up with positive and creative ideas then we all can live in peace and harmony.

  2. Wilfred

    Really? This is what what your concerning yourself with? I’m coloured and even I call it braai day, not because I do not remember what happened, but because I identify more with the spirit in which the holiday gives to us. I call it braai day because I was not there during the struggle (and quite frankly I think everyone should just get over it, that is just my OPINION) and did not experience it, I call it braai day because it is an occasion to spend time with loved ones, friends and family alike. That is why I call It braai day. BTW I have tons of white and black friends and they all call it National Braai day.

  3. Zwelibanzi

    Hi RNC

    I still call it SHAKA DAY. I am black and proud South African who has had his fair share of racism from Indian people and white people and I don’t see why we should always accommodate when we’re being treated like trash in our own backyard. We’re constantly being called derogatory terms (monkeys) in our work places, we are constantly being undermined by white people, we’re constantly being discriminated against on a daily and we’re constantly being pushed to the corner and yet other ethnic groups expect us to except that as our truth. How many times have you meddled in AFRICAN issues/affairs, the entire world economy is crashing, an economy that was built by the white man. Who is being held accountable for that, who’s being held accountable for all the evil deed? Whenever a white man commits injustices to mankind he is never accountable, but whenever a black man does the same he is crucified like the son of God…I am a black AFRICAN/SOUTH AFRICAN and i am infuriated by the attitude of most white people in this land. They act as if Black People ow them something, we don’t ow you anything and we are not your pets so with all due respect people get off our backs, this is our home you can never dictate to us how to run our affairs. I don’t like feeling this way, I don’t like the anger that I feel when a white man steal the identity of a black man, the history, and I get really pissed off when a white man says “it happened in the past, get over it”, did the JEWS get over “Hitler” i don’t think so. If any person says anything negative about the JEWS they will make it their mission to put you in your place, they will let you have it and you will be labelled as being ant-semantic, but when a black man is discriminated against he’s seen as a cry baby when he reacts to that with harsh words and actions…e.g (Julius Malema; Pres Robert Mugabe). Why do you keep stealing our history, why do you insist on pressing the Black Mans buttons, why are you so obsessed with us white people….perhaps this is a test of some sort for the black community, perhaps we’re being prepared for something huge in the near future. Whatever it is that motivates or influences the white man to insist on being a dooch is beyond me so i’ll leave it to the almighty to figure it out…

    now let me get back to my happy normal self and smile again, whatever happens life will always be good, i’m blessed to be AFRICAN, the cradle of human existence.

  4. Briar Wright

    I read with sadness many of the comments made by Zwelibanzi and Ntsiki. Fair enough I am a white south african, however I have Irish blood in me .. if you know your history, you’ll be aware of what the British did to the Irish. I have British blood – men and women who had their farming lives turned up-side -down by the Industrial revolution, – and also have family who have been in Australia for over 200 years and their own people back’home’ treated them pretty badly!! Some of them then came to S.A. I also have German blood, and that part of my family came to S.A. after the Crimean war, and life was pretty tough for them, both in Germany and when they got here to S.Africa. However, my family, paternal and maternal, all worked hard, whether as Missionaries in the Transkei bringing education and other benefits to Transkeians, traders who worked along with their black neighbours to bring the necessities of life to rural communities, and they were fluent in isiXhosa. Others farmed, and generally enriched the areas they lived in with their skills and honesty. I have coloured family as not all my ancestors married white’s and these members of my family are proudly S.African too. My family lived through the Anglo-Boer, on the British side, and witnessed how a variety of nations treated not only the Afrikanders badly but a good many folk raised is S.A. suffered through that ill-conceived time of bloodshed. I am (from my Irish ancestry) a Roman Catholic, and for many years was discriminated against as I was not only English speaking, but also a Roman Catholic. Fortunately, I was raised by parents who had great respect and affection for people of all colours, creeds, and cultured. My Father especially, judged people by their actions, and not anything else as he was a very honest, upright, ethical person, and we as children were taught to do the same. There is NO such thing as a leaders of a Nation, or culture, that have not at one time or another, used and abused the people they were supposed to protect and nurture. That is human nature, there are the Bad and the ugly, but also the good and the beautiful irrespecive of the language they speak, the God/s they worship, the colour of their skins. I agree with the final post from Zwelibanzi that its only love that will save us. And that starts in the home I might add. Politicians cannot teach you love!!!

    • Zwelibanzi

      I got nothing against white people, I know plenty who, like you, respect people from all backgrounds (ethnic, religious). What I don’t like is the attitude most white people have towards my people, we’re made to feel like foreigners in our own land.

      I am a qualified graphic designer by profession and I freelance for a living. Now my reasons for freelancing stems from my experience with white and Indian bosses. I quit a number of good paying jobs because of racism. I just couldn’t take the utter disrespect and discrimination, the name calling, just because of my skin color. What those people said and did was totally out of line and unjustified.

      You are not exposed to this kind of treatment because you are WHITE, but i’m pretty sure you have witnessed it a number of times at your workplace, a social place or sporting event. Your people continue to undermine the black man, they still see themselves as superior and they continue to treat us like inferior beings.
      “I have British blood – men and women who had their farming lives turned up-side -down by the Industrial revolution, – and also have family who have been in Australia for over 200 years and their own people back ’home’ treated them pretty badly!! ”

      This^^^ is why your hate for us is more confusing, you flee your homes and come down here to commit the same crimes you were fleeing from at home, I don’t get that…what have we ever done to you white people for you to hate us with such passion.
      All an AFRICAN ever wanted was an equal opportunity to realize his dream, why do you constantly try to stop us.

      Like you white people I have dreams.
      I also want to live happily ever after.
      I also want to see my people prosper like you.
      I also have a family to take care of just like you.
      I feel pain just like you.

      I only want the best for my people just like you.

      The times I quit my job were rough, I didn’t need to
      go through that but I had to.

      When I say I didn’t need to quit, I mean I could have stayed
      on and taken the BS, and avoided the rough financial times.

      But I had to quit, if I had stayed what would that have made
      me, another pet for the white man to do as they wish.
      I just couldn’t take that.

      Resigning was the best decision I made, now I control my
      own time and the more successful my company gets the more
      I can contribute.

      I now freelance for a living, my income may not be consistent
      every month but I’m learning more about who I am with this freelance journey.

      You can check one of my website platforms out:

  5. Angie

    Spread good brother.
    Hatred and blame have never done anything beneficial.
    I am sorry that you feel like we, ‘white people’, are robbing you of so much. You must be a rather sad and selfish person to have such a negative and ignorant opinion. The saddest thing is that you have such a narrow-minded perception of the world and you group ‘us’ into one mass like we are all the same.
    I’m not going to continue to indulge your naive rant and let your hostility make me any more angry than it already has. All I will say is:
    Open your eyes.
    Open your mind.
    Open your heart.
    This is not ‘your’ land, it’s ours.
    So while you are reading this on your computer, listening to the radio, drinking your coffee or whatever other riches and ways of life that you so love that came to you from ‘us white people’… Remember, the only way things work is when they work in harmony.
    You are a part of Africa and so am I. But Africa is also a part of a global community. Perhaps it wouldn’t harm you to look a little farther than the end of your nose.

    • Zwelibanzi

      Like I said before in my last post you will never understand a black
      mans position because you are white. Nothing I say in this post
      will be relevant to any of your struggles in life because we don’t share
      the same struggles. Now I don’t know what struggles you’ve been through
      and i’m not, in any way, trying to downplay whatever struggles you’ve
      been through.

      Now you talk about things working in harmony yet you are the
      ones running away from that, you are the ones that fought against
      race integration, you the ones that introduced apartheid, and you’re
      telling me about harmony…what harmony. You continue to treat us like
      lesser men and you going to preach about harmony, where’s the harmony
      in that.

      Im upset because I see this happening everywhere around the globe, i’m not blind
      to whats going on in the world, perhaps you’re the one who should open
      your eyes to the truth. I could careless if you are angry about what I speak,
      that’s your own concern, all I’m concerned with is expressing how I feel and how
      most black people feel.

      • lulu

        The Jews may not have gotten over the holocaust just as we all haven’t gotten over some things of the past that affected our people but the difference is that the Jews don’t go around hating the Germans because of what their forefathers did. You can’t blame a whole nation of white people for the past. They were not the architect of it,they were not even involved. So we are not asking you to get over by forgetting but get over it in a sense of working together towards a better future. There will be no future if we all stuck in the past!!

  6. Mphumzi

    It “seems” like black people have tried to be accommodating but what you get from the other side is the attitude of ” get over it” its a long time ago, ” be grateful” we taught you people how to dress up,technology etc

    am I lying?

  7. Gerhard

    People seriously. Get over yourselves LOL. White people, Black people, Indian people etc. Everyone should just get over themselves and focus on the future. I am also rude to a lot of white people even tough I am white. That doesn’t make me a racist, does it? I am rude and disrespectful to anyone that tried to break down my personality. doesn’t matter what race that person is. Please don’t feel “special” if a white person is mean to a black person. That white person was probably mean to almost everyone just because he had a bad day, not because you are black. I love all of the races. I have a lot of black and coloured friends and I love them and we treat each other exactly the same, that’s why I say, everyone should just get over themselves. I Like everyone that is friendly

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