Dear Metro FM

My name is Lindokuhle Buthelezi but more commonly known as “Dogg” in the entertainment industry! I write to you as a Metro FM listener, a patriotic young South African, who is passionate about music and entertainment.

First and foremost, I’d like to applaud and congratulate the entire Metro FM team from CEO to, producers, researchers, marketing department, presenters and everyone involved in making Metro FM what it is today. You guys have done an outstanding job, as a collective, in delivering quality radio shows to South Africans and listeners abroad.

I’d like to make it clear and stress that all contents of this letter come from myself and strictly based on my opinion as an individual.

The reason I decided to write this letter, is to make a request/plea to the station and its award committee: TO PLEASE HONOUR DJ CHRISTOS WITH A LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in the upcoming Metro FM awards.

I feel this has been long overdue! If there’s anyone who deserves to be honoured in the music industry of South Africa, it definitely has to be Dj Christos.

In my opinion, Dj Christos is one of the individuals that helped South Africa craft its sound, gave life to the industry by being the engine behind many success stories in our music industry and as a result South Africa is recognised world wide through house music. It’s guys like Christos that work behind the scenes to make us look good across the globe.

It’s a pity that guys like DJ Christos, whom are humble, down to earth, passionate and strict about quality, seldom get the praise due to them in society.

Being one of the founding members of Kalawa Jazzmee with Oskido and Don Laka, Dj Christos has produced countless hits for many artists such as Boom Shaka (with the late Lebo Mathosa, RIP), Shana (a group that featured Black Coffee, Shota and Demor) and BOP just to name a few. It goes without saying that Christos is behind many successful brands in South Africa but these stories aren’t known by our generation. Which is sad! This basically means we have little knowledge about our own musical history!

His passion for quality music and the music industry as a whole is evident in the knowledge he passes on through the workshops hosted by DJU to educate youngsters and aspiring musicians about the ins and outs of the music and entertainment business. With that being said a special S/O to the entire DJU team (Oskido, Vinny Da Vinci, Greg Maloka, Dj Christos and Dj Fresh) for the amazing work they’ve done for our industry as DJU. I, with the rest of S.A, salute you all!

If we as South Africans keep sidelining such initiatives as the DJU, the people that sweat for the industry behind the scenes and do not promote what’s worthy to be praised we’re going to, eventually, be left with a cluster of famous people who care little about the industry but more about fame and riches! Because that’s what I see happening these days, our country celebrates the wrong people.

We need more educational programs to inform youngsters about the entertainment/music industry and the history behind it. If upcoming musicians do not know the history of our music industry and how challenging it was building it during and post the apartheid era, how can we expect them to make music with substance and to cultivate the industry with sustainability? These new kids know very little about what South African music means.

Do not get me wrong, our music industry is growing. But the question is, are we heading to the right direction?

If radio stations still go to extreme measures just to playlist American songs that are littered with profanity and hate speech but South African songs that have a positive message still struggle to get airplay, then that should tell you which way our industry is headed and it should also tell you a lot about our leaders (those responsible for the content that plays on Radio/TV)) and the vision they have for our Country. Don’t get it twisted Americans don’t play our music (on TV and radio), SAMRO pays Billions to American artists in royalties and just a few millions to South African artists. Do you see the media hypocrisy? They promote overseas artists and pay them Billions then in the news bulletins they are the very same ones reporting about lack of jobs, service delivery and the weak economy. Don’t hide the truth from the people I’m sure they’d appreciate knowing about why do we pay so much to overseas artists and starve our own. Then people wonder why South African artists die broke, there you have it, they are starved by the people who have the power to empower them. This needs to change guys!

I recently heard Zakes Bantwini giving a talk at Dj Cndo’s Gala dinner early last year (2014) and he raised a variety of concerns about this but there’s one thing he said that I feel every person in this Country should ask themselves “are we in the business of importing music or exporting music to the world?”. We need to get our priorities straight there! We need more local content playing on OUR OWN radio and TV stations.

How long are we going to be consumers and customers to the United States?

The reason I’m raising all these points is to make you understand why I feel the need to have the right people in the driving seat when it comes to what we feed and promote to the nation through our media channels!

By honouring music giants like Dj Christos and many others we motivate them to do more positive things and even better than what they’re already doing, so our country can move forward IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION & WITH VISION!

Music is a very powerful tool. Whatever is being promoted on our TV and Radio has an influence to a child that’s watching/listening at home. What you hear repeatedly is indoctrinated into your mind and eventually begins to influence your level of thinking in the long run. Please don’t think that kids watch music videos and listen to lyrics then it ends there. Nope it doesn’t!

Just recently, I was away on vacation for 2 weeks and on return I found my 3 year old son singing “I don’t check the price, bad b****s is the only thing that I like”, I was stunned that within 2 weeks and my child had learned such music! We really need to regulate what plays on music channels both on TV and radio!

I’m not against any genre of music don’t get me wrong, but I am CONCERNED about the content that’s being fed to not only our kids but S.A as a whole through the music that circulates in our radio and TV!

There are so many problems in our industry that are caused by lack of proper leadership that it would take more than just an open letter to rectify.

But the answers are there, we simply need better leaders. We need brave people to be in charge. We need guys like Dj Christos and many others like him to be given the wheel to steer our music in the right direction, just like they built it. Dj Christos has kept it real from day one and we can safely say he’s one of SA’s greats. We’ve overlooked him and underrated him for far too long. He deserves more praise.

I wish I could say more but I hope that with what I’ve said I makes sense to someone out there. My dream is to see our Country moving forward and creating a sustainable industry in entertainment and music! But that dream begins with our country doing justice to guys like Christos and other deserving legends. I know I’m not an important member of society to have a say in such an important matter but it is something I feel strongly about and I felt I should speak out about. They say “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

Metro FM, the awards committee and the rest of South Africa please help me make my dream a reality. #DjChristosForLifetimeAchievementAward

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