I am hoping that this post will clarify certain things, and hopefully bring down the number of inboxes that I get about people asking to be given a chance!

1. I am not involved with Uzalo auditions and have not been involved for almost a year. So I am not the person to go to when you want to know about Uzalo auditions.

2. I am not as involved with Muvhango auditions. There is a team that organizes and plans auditions whenever there are new characters in the script. I do get called sometimes for final call backs when the character is a significant one. (And I do not get called in all the time). But I have been removed from open calls and first calls. So inboxing me and asking to be given a chance to show your talent is not going to help you. (And inboxing me about your child who is a great talent is not going to help). Try and find out when and when the auditions will be held. And then go and show your talent.

3. As executive producer I am not involved in the day to day running of the company. There is a producer and her team, they are the ones who make most of the decisions, including hiring, staffing and internships. I am not part of that loop and they do not even have to tell me, they run the company.

4. I am the Casting Director for Disney, specifically for The Lion King. I am involved with the auditions from inception till the end, but I do not make the final decisions. A group consisting of Disney’s Musical Director, Head Director and Associate producer are responsible for the final decisions. The Lion King has an extensive audition regime, where some people have auditioned more than seven times before being chosen. There is no way I can “give you a chance” to do Lion King. If you think you can sing and you have what it takes, go for auditions and do the best that you can. We post the Lion King auditions and heavily publicize them, there is no way you can miss them if you are part of the entertainment industry and make sure that you stay informed.

I am hoping that the inboxes will then not be about any of these matters and issues. Do not give me your phone number as I will never call you, ask your questions (Industry related) and try to sound intelligent in the process otherwise the answer will be at the level of the question…

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