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The selfie: The photograph that was first taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839; the art that has produced more than 80 million (and counting!) Instagram photos hashtagged #me and over 31 million hashtagged #selfie; the art that has been practiced by celebrities, politicians, ordinary people, etc.

Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. They are often casual, and are typically taken either with a camera held at arm’s length or in a mirror.

It is a simple process: Flip the view on your phone and hold it at a high angle, making your eyes look bigger and your cheekbones more defined. Position your thumb over the button, turn to your best side, and click.

To some, the selfie trend has turned into an obsession. And one of the obsession’s victim is Jess Austin from Norwich, East of England – originally from Botswana, Southern Africa.

Quibell (a.k.a Q) Ramantswana caught up with the self-proclaimed obsessed Botswana beauty to find out about her relationship with the selfie and her looks for this season.

How many selfies and photos do you take a day?

Jess: Oh God! I take between 15 to 40 selfies and photos a day – maybe more, excluding videos! I have to take a lot so that I can choose the best one, sometimes I can’t even choose the one I like the most.

What drives you to do so?

Jess: Well, most people are indulged in the occasional selfie on a daily basis, but to me, a selfie is like a “mirror”… I like to see what I look like before I step out from a photo point of view and also when I’m out.

Why so many?

Jess: SELF LOVE. But on the other hand, I like to share my make-up, style, fashion tips with my supporters. I am not pressured to take pictures, but a single picture can inspire someone. And my purpose is to share and make one smile. I love that.

When did this obsession start?

Jess: Well, I’ve always loved being in front of the camera taking pictures from a very young age. I’ve always been confident: I wasn’t a shy kid. So I guess it’s a natural obsession.

Spending a day without taking a selfie is like?

Jess: I can’t imagine a day without a selfie. #Impossible… But a day without a selfie would be like torture!

Your family and friends, what do they think of your obsession?

Jess: My family and friends think I need help! They seriously can’t cope anymore..I’m quite bossy and controlling, I like the camera to be held a certain way and when they fail I throw a tantrum. Ha ha!! They have all abandoned me. 🙁 . I need a professional photographer. Lol!

Do you think obsession this will stop at some point?

Jess: I don’t think it will ever stop! I’m in love with myself,maybe I will tone it down as I get older. I am still appreciating what God has blessed me with. I don’t think loving yourself is a wrong thing. I am my own best friend!

Who wins – the selfie or normal photograph?

Jess: I like selfies more because I’m the one behind the camera and in charge. I control the capturing and I know my best angles. I Love photos, too, because I get to show the dolls what I’m rocking on that day.

Which part of your body are you most proud of and why?

Jess: I absolutely love my body as it is. It’s the only one I’ve got after all. But for the purpose of the question I would say my face, eyes, cheekbones & smile – and with my body, it will have to be my small waist, thick thighs and butt. I’m petite and curvy. I’m an African woman.

How many likes/comments do you normally get each time you post a picture/selfie on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram?

Jess: Between 40 to 130 on Facebook, and Instagram between 40 to 200… (*shy face*) People seem to warm-up to my bubbly personality and pictures. #humbled

How many photos do you think you have in total?

Jess: I have at least 6000 pictures with my iPhone. Bare in mind I delete daily. Omg! How embarrassing. Ha ha!

Do you like taking people’s pictures?

Jess: Yes, I enjoy it! I know what it feels like to say NO.

Have you ever asked a total stranger to take you a picture?

Jess: Yes, I do that all the time. I’m not even shy about it.

What are you most passionate about?

Jess: Beauty, style and fashion. I want to style females and make them feel good about themselves


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