December – a month famous for multiple celebration parties, employees thirteenth cheque’s bonus payments and the annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ – is around the corner.

This year’s Christmas month will be a memorable one for Shaleen Manhire Nullens, the pride and beauty of Zimbabwe, who was raised in South Africa from an early age of twelve, as it will mark the historical unveiling of her online entertainment child – Conquered TV.

Alternatively known as Ms Shally, 27, a qualified TV presenter is set to display her skills and bubbly personality in front of the camera, going around Mzansi interviewing the trendiest A-list celebrities.


Ms Shally on set interviewing A-list celebs.

With the overwhelming hype on social media and radio stations, the multi-faceted entrepreneur – who was honoured with Business Woman of the Year nomination by Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce in 2012 – promises online television viewers to expect watching their favourite celebs telling fresh and untold stories.

The mother of 2-year-old daughter, Zoe, and wife of a devoted Belgian-born husband and business partner, Eric, holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting Science and she will complete her MBA degree next year.

Described as bright-eyed, ambitious, passionate, driven and hard-working, the face of Conquered TV catches up with The Voice of SA to share her excitement about the most talked about upcoming online TV show.

Here is how the interview went.


Congratulations on your new TV show. 04th December 2014: What comes to mind when this date pops up into your thoughts?

MS SALLY: Thank you. Conquered TV finally launching, happy dance. 🙂

What is Conquered TV all about? 

MS SALLY: It’s all about producing something fresh that will inspire many. You will watch something that will surely lift your spirit up.

How did the idea of launching Conquered TV come about? 

MS SALLY: I wanted to hear the stories behind the stars, and I thought why can’t I start my own show? I also knew making a show real and give it to different producers might keep me dreaming for years, so decided to make my own dream come true.

Apart from you, who else would you give credit to, for making Conquered TV’s dream becomes a reality?

MS SALLY: My husband is the biggest sponsor I have right now… without a good budget this would have not been possible 🙂 and the A- list celebs that have agreed to be on my show and tell their stories.

Your press release has an interesting intro. It asks us to put our ‘hands together for the next big TV presenting sensation’, Ms Shally. Why should we give Conquered TV and Ms Shally a high five?

MS SALLY: Well, after watching a couple of interviews on the show, no doubt, that will be worth a high 5!

You also said we shouldn’t “expect to hear about the glitz and glam like many other magazine or entertainment TV shows” – what should we expect? 

MS SALLY: You should expect to hear how the stars made it to the top [laughs].

I have watched a few teaser clips of your interviews with singer Donald, DJ Euphonik, DJ Fresh and Lira… which interview do you think will be the most talked about on social media? 

MS SALLY: [laughs] I wish I could answer that but I can’t. They all have a wooaw in them, they are different stories and all of them are very inspiring.

What would make the viewers warm-up towards Ms Shally’s personality on the TV screen?

MS SALLY: Whatever you see me doing on TV that’s the real Ms Shally. I don’t put an act; it’s easier to be myself, so I hope my personality makes people warm up towards me.

What is the ultimate dream of the Conquered TV show?

MS SALLY: To interview not only African celebrities but make it internationally.



How do you describe your family background?

MS SALLY: I come from a very educated and entrepreneurial family.

What do you miss about the young Shaleen before she moved to SA?

MS SALLY: Miss my friends and just being young and stress free.

You have been described as ambitious, passionate, driven and hard- working, where do these qualities come from?

MS SALLY: [laughs] I believe those are qualities one is born with, I just thank God for such qualities and being surrounded by the right people.

What was your father’s first impression when he spotted your business skills at the age of 14? 

MS SALLY: He trained me so… [laughs]

You received Business Woman of the Year nomination in 2012 by Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce. What does this mean to you when your country of birth appreciates your work? Does this inspire you somehow?

MS SALLY: Of course it does, just to be nominated made me feel like a winner and I am a winner.

What is it that most people don’t know about Ms Shally? 

MS SALLY: I love to travel and have been to over 10 countries and still counting…

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