The real Chymamusique.

World renowned producer, Ralf Gum, has been celebrating the success of his chart-topping album, In My City, since its official release in August; sadly, one of the most feared music industry’s scam, fake identity, has hit one of his popular songs: Free feat. Portia Monique.

The hit tune, still in healthy dominance position on radio stations and South African club scene, has been remixed by anonymous who claims to be Chymamusique – and the real Chymamusique, whose real name is Collen Ntala Mmotla, is not impressed.

Chymamusique, the jazz pianist who started producing music in 2005, went on social network to warn his 37.3K Twitter followers about the scam. He tweeted:

There is a link of Ralf Gum ft Portia Monique – Free “Chymamusique Remix” that’s being shared. 

N.B: I never remixes the song, it’s a scam. 

This is worrying for the German-born finest producer, Ralf, who has already reached out to Chymamusique in search of true identity of the person who remixed Free without his permission.

“Honestly it [music piracy] is a big problem, that people bootleg music /do unauthorized remixes,” concerned Gum told The Voice of SA.

But how does Gogo Music founder deal with such illegal act?

“As an artist and at the same time label-owner I find it more professional to deal with such issues in private. In days of social media official statements only heat the discussion unnecessary,” he said.

Chymamusic – who recently released an album titled Gift Of Sound – said: “If I never update about a song, or send a link of a song on my Facebook page (Chymamusique), it could be a scam! Our fans must watch out.

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