ProverbThe growth of South African Hip Hop music scene has been phenomenal in the past few years.

With the growing number of talented Hip Hop cats, who are producing world class and uniquely Mzansi (South Africa) rap anthems, it is not surprising to learn that the elders are slowly warming-up to the genre that originally appealed to the youth when it was discovered in the South Bronx area of New York City, USA, in the 1970s.

And one song that has already won hearts of the older generation is ProVerb’s new single, Nothing New.

The track is the first single from ProVerb‘s upcoming 5th studio album to be released soon, with exciting local and international collaborations.

Also known for his enchanting smile, the award-winning superstar – whose musical career marathon started in 1999 – says the song is fresh, cheeky and a great offering for summer.

In addition, the current most talked about single of the multi-talented MC – a Lecturer, Brand Ambassador, TV and Radio Personality – was inspired by the local Hip Hop culture. And the clean-shaven SA Idols host is basically just saying to the youngsters: the path that they are walking on ‘we [his generation] did it first’. But he is certainly not undermining their talent.

One may wonder how the new sound of ProVerb, real name Tebogo Thekisho, is attracting attention from different generations in the first month of its official release.

“My music has always been very clean and very positive and uplifting, which means it can be played in front of anybody. The elders can enjoy the music and youngsters.

“In fact, my own kids play and enjoy my music. There is something for everybody for what I do,” the father of two tells The Voice of SA.

The song was released on the 15th September; however the iconic Hip Hop star is pleased with the positive support from fans, as well as radio stations.

“I am really, really satisfied with the response. Radio is picking it up and some of the new radio stations that traditionally don’t play my kind of Hip Hop.”

According to the rapper, what is different about Nothing New is that it is very proudly South African sound with some Kwaito undertone and very musical as well, which is a little bit different from the traditional Jo’burg sound.

Nothing New is available on iTunes.

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