Proverb with Splakavellis managing director Sheree O'brien

Proverb with Splakavellis managing director Sheree O’brien

Tebogo Thekisho a.k.a ProVerb, one of South Africa’s critically acclaimed artists and favourite television personalities, a brand that has grown in leaps and bounds since his debut on the entertainment scene, has signed on to be represented by one of SA’s longest running and most sought after Management & PR agencies, Splakavellis Management.

With over 14 years of experience under their belt, Splakavellis has created and looked after legendary brands such as DJ Mbuso, the late Brett Jackson & RJ Benjamin to name a few. ProVerb will retain the services of his current business affairs team CallBack Dreams, however Splakavellis will now handle all music management and public relations for the ProVerb brand.

ProVerb has been releasing music, successfully, with many award nominations to show for it, for approximately 10 years now and has expanded his portfolio through his business ventures, not excluding lecturing, television presenting, television co-production, voice-overs and mor

ProVerb says “I’m genuinely looking forward to what the future holds under the management of Splakavellis. After a decade of releasing albums and music, this collaboration is sure to inject a new energy to my career. Sheree has fresh ideas and I have no doubt that together with my team at CallBack Dreams we are set to change the game”

Jobie Bakama, Creative Director of CallBack Dreams says, “Verb and I are very excited to partner with Sheree and her team. She has a fire and a spirit that is contagious. We’ve been in awe of her hustle since the first day we worked with her on one our television productions. ProVerb’s drive and work ethic mixed with our combined teams vision and execution plan, makes for an all out win-win.”

Sheree O’Brien, owner of Splakavellis says “It’s a huge honour to be representing a musician and a brand that I have personally always respected. ProVerb is not just a multi-talented artist but also a humble and genuine human being, which is a major factor to signing on new talent with a view towards the long term. I am excited about us working together, taking his musical projects to new heights. Without giving away too much, all I can say is that the next few years are going to be game-changing, so watch this space!”

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