Poetic Justice: the poetry group consists of Moemedi “Bless the Poet” Bless, Tafadzwa “Son of the Soil” Fazenda and Nangamso “Nanga” Nchoyiya.

The trio is on a mission to bring justice to poetry in the townships of South Africa.

When SABC1 Mzansi Insiders producers heard about the PJ’s movement, they traced the Westonarian-based poets in a mission to film them displaying their passion for their Sunday morning programme.

Recently, Mzansi Insiders viewers watched Nangamso, 21, the first member to be featured on national television performing her craft – and the later boys’ performance was also televised.

Born in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape, the delighted Nanga says: “Watching myself on TV was truly amazing. It made me believe that great opportunities are yet to come and really made me dream bigger.”

Still excited about the memorable experience, Bless the Poet, 23, from Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape – adds: “It was an amazing journey because it was our first time [being filmed to be on TV]. It gave us something to live upon; it is not every day when the son is out in this industry.”

Poetic Justice was formed in 2012 when its members met at a local church, where their common passion of poetry was discovered and subsequently gave birth to PJ! Since the journey started, Nanga is convinced that the group is heading in the right direction of growth.

“We have really grown as a group, we are really proud of ourselves and everything that we do to progress in this industry,” says the female member of the group

She continues: “There is a passion that I see within us and I believe we can still take over the world.”

Trevor, 23, born in Harare, Zimbabwe, shares similar view: “We believe we’ve got something different to offer; we believe we have something so peculiar to offer as far as poetry is concerned.”

The 2-year-old group is getting remarkable recognition and constant bookings around Gauteng; however, the challenges behind the scene are sadly discouraging: promoters hardly pay them for their performancess!

For instance: “We go to perform in Johannesburg, we recite, we come back and it ends there. We don’t get the bread and butter out of it.

“As poets, we are messengers. Whenever you’re transporting a letter to the destination you have to get at least a juice to calm down, so, we don’t get that [juice]. We don’t make money at all,” Bless reveals.

Despite the group’s constant financial challenges, nothing will stop the talented and passionate poets from chasing their dream because they are spiritually supported by the biggest inspiration on earth – God!

Son of the Soil, who relocated to South Africa in 2010, explains: “Actually there is this thing that we have as a team that God is the biggest poet out there. Because if you read the bible itself, it is poetry!

“Revelation itself, the reason why people don’t understand revelation is because it’s poetry. He speaks in indirect language. God is the ultimate poet and he is our inspiration.”

All three members have completed their studies and are now focusing on promoting Poetic Justice brand.

They have started a T-shirt brand last month. In due course, they will expand into hoodies, backpacks, caps and beading. It is a poetic wear “for the poets by the poets through poetry” – justice served!

Trevor holds a Diploma in Business Management from Westcol College; Moemedi holds a Diploma of Transport Management from University of Johannesburg; and Nangamso holds Uducare Diploma from Westcol College.

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    These guys are greatly talented.Thier poetry relates to the ordinary man on the streets.


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