Shangaan disco legend, Eric “Penny Penny” Nkovani, maybe be struggling to get gigs in South Africa, but his music has find a new home abroad – including Australia, where he blessed fans with impressive performances two weeks ago, at the famous Sydney Opera House.

In the next six weeks, the Shaka Bundu hit-maker will have to honour his 36 bookings in different countries, starting in Mexico and 11 gigs in the US.

The interest of Shaka Bundu classic sound, which was released in 1994, has reached promoters in Hong Kong – and they have also joined the race to book the South African musician.

Still excited about his new international stardom and performing in front of jubilant 16 000 audience, Penny Penny said: “It seems they knew the language and called my music happy because of the laughter in some songs.”

He continues: “My second show was held outdoors with an audience of about 30 000 people.”

The braided artist even attracted media attention while he was in Australia. Part of Sedney Opera House magazine review reads: “Now Penny Penny has found a new audience in the western world, a belated yet strong fanbase that has surprised no one more than the artist himself.

“Even Rolling Stone that he could be the next Rodriguez, noting similarities in their career trajectory”

Three of his songs are on the soundtrack of a Hollywood movie to be released in December: Shaka Bundu, Xichangani Ixilungu and Ingani ya Mashangani.

What surprised Penny Penny the most was when organisers in Australia told him they had been looking for him the past six years – because his music is popular there.

“I was shocked to hear that my music was big that side,” said the artist, who also serves as a ward for councillor in Giyani, Limpopo

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