Ugandan comedienne, Anne Kansiime, was not in her usual hilarious mood after her performance on Saturday night at the Johannesburg City Hall in South Africa.

The award-winning Kansiime, 28, was disappointed with what she described as ‘amateur organisation’ by the event’s promoter. The sound was poor, the promoter was unapologetic and her fans were disrespected.

The East Africa’s Queen of Comedy has apologized to her South African fans for a disappointing show, due to bad production.

Expressing her deepest remorse over bad sound, among other things, experienced by fans during her tour stop, Kansiime wrote to her 808K Facebook fans:

 “For the very first time in my career, tonight I stood on stage and actually bled for my audience. I felt pain and empathetic for my disrespected fans. Having showed up with all the love and paid highly to enjoy your evening only to be disrespected by amateur organisation, poor sound and a very unapologetic and unremorseful promoter.

“I just want to apologize deeply and sincerely for this disappointment.
It was beyond my control but still no excuse whatsoever for how everything turned out.
A LESSON WELL LEARNT. I pray that I get an opportunity to make it up to you my dear ninjas soon and very soon. In the meantime, I will not stop. I WILL NOT STOP entertaining you every chance I get.”

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