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Artist management is another critical aspect of the entertainment industry’s success. Managers take care of business while artists are busy shaping their craft.

The creative component and business need each other like politicians need votes during elections.

Extraordinary talent needs extraordinary business management skills for it to grow and survive the challenges of the industry.

An artist without a manager is not protected and is vulnerable to exploitation. Even if you understand the dynamics of the industry, you still need a second opinion and a person who can represent you.

When people see an artist doing well it doesn’t normally cross their minds that there is a range of people who work around the clock to grow the artist’s brand.

This simply means the success of an artist is not just an individual effort but the collective effort of a group of skilled and experiences professionals.

It’s important for an artist’s manager to have sharp business, communication and marketing skills. Whether as an artist you have these qualifications or experience you will still need someone to critically look at your brand from the outside and identify opportunities in the industry and also negotiate deals on your behalf. Artist manager can get a true reflection on how people respond to your work through interacting with your audience and through research.

Many artists get exploited and sometimes fail to get good deals because they don’t have people who rightfully represent them and get them business.

Some artists suffer because they chose the type of manager. I think it is also important for the industry or arts sector to invest in training people who can specialise in this field so that the artists’ career don’t fail due to poor management.

I will advise young and aspiring artists that the first thing they need in order to survive in this competitive industry is a good manager. Artists with good management have sustainable careers in the industry and their brands and business are protected.

It is also important for the managers to also ensure that their artists don’t only become successful within the borders of South Africa. They must ensure that the artist grows beyond South Africa.

By Xolani Majozi

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