Hip hop rising star, Tratt, is a proof that determination, passion, timing and making calculated moves are some of the qualities artists need to succeed in the music industry.

Born Nkosinathi Phaknathi and raised in Johannesburg, the former drama and chess student has come a long way since he first wrote his first rap song (turning his poetry into music poetry) at 13. Years later, he has already worked with some of the South African hottest MCs such as Emtee, Smashes and Kaydee – and he is almost on the brink of dominating radio charts nationwide.

More interestingly, he is finally receiving the support and recognition he deserves through his record label, Lucid Records SA. His debut single – “Chase” – is a testament to his optimistic outlook and his will to rise above.

The talented producer’s musical touch is a representation of the young and the careless, the wild-at-heart, the “Just Be” generation that spills over with a thirst for life; it also presents enough heart and soul to be heard, and to be respected in the music industry.

Tratt has his musical aspirations down pat, and he is ready and hungry to knock that Queen off her throne. Like many musical talents, breaking through to the other side has not been easy. Tratt has pushed his way through the trials and challenges of his musical destiny. But despite the rocky path along the way, he has never yielded to his unfortunate circumstance.

In the hip hop circle, Tratt is described an artist that makes moves, and when he does it’s a checkmate!

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