One of the songs that popularized South Africa’s multi-award winning group, MiCasa, is ‘All The Glory’ – the seventh track from the band’s self-titled debut album – but an uncredited vocalist, who spiced-up the song, has broken her silence after 4 years of pain.

Ayanda Masisi, who goes by the name ‘YayaOnfire’, claims she has recorded the ‘hook’ of the much-loved song six-months before the album was released. Surprisingly, YayaOnfire’s name (or her publishing company) was not mentioned on the album credits.

“ I recorded that hook [of ‘All The Glory’ song]. I was in studio with J Something and Mishka, and I put my voice on the song. 6 months later MiCasa released their debut album and the song featured. Track 7. My name doesn’t appear. My publishing company is nowhere to be seen on the album credits and I don’t even get a special thanks from the band. To make matters worse, they [MiCasa] won’t acknowledge that I’m on the song, to the point where they said on radio “We had a choir in studio”. On [5FM] Euphonik’s [radio] show, I remember and it still breaks my heart.”

What breaks Ayanda’s heart even more is that, after numerous attempts to resolve the issue, it seems the house music group – consisting of vocalist and guitarist J Something, producer Dr Duda and trumpeter Mo T – didn’t value her contribution.

“I’ve been told “Oh but Yaya, all you did on that song was sing ‘ALL THE GLORY!’ a couple of times.” Yes! I did!!! That small role carries that huge song. People hardly know the lyrics to it. All they hear is “ALL THE GLORY!” So yes, it is a small role – a small significant role that helped J-Something’s vision come to life! In this situation I feel emotionally abused as a session vocalist, also because I wasn’t paid for that gig.”

In response to Ayanda’s claim, J Something – real name Joao da Fonseca – insists the singer was not the only voice on the chorus and therefore should not be credited.

“Anyone who knows music will tell you that is not a feature,” the Portuguese-born group member told The Juice.

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