Skhumbarr releases a debut single, Hey Mama – the moving tribute to his mother – which features Wanda & Hazardous Acid.

The musician – who was born in Zola, Soweto – infuses rap with reggae, a definite feast for your musical taste buds. He uses music to tell authentic Kasi stories and is a beacon of hope to the community and upcoming artists.

In 2011 he won the “underground rap trophy”, and in 2013 he was part of a hip-hop group called “Firing Squad” and commenced to recording songs in back room studios, completing a demo with six songs, which proved instrumental and life changing for Skhumbarr because this was the single that got him signed to Black productions.

Skhumbarr is now a solo artist and is signed with Something Black Productions and recorded his first album titled “Strange but True” which features the single ‘Hey Mama’.

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