At six, young girls are expected to  be learning how to keep their counting skills in check at school and living off parents’ wage, but Ayazingca Mbeki – who has just started primary school journey – is already counting her album sales.

The singing sensation from Delta, in Cape Town, recorded her debut album Kuhle Moya Wam when she was only four – and is releasing a second album in August.

With musician parents, it is not surprising that the young Mbeki has always loved music.

“I have always loved gospel. I like going to church and most of my songs are the songs I sing in church,” the singer told Daily Sun.

As young as she is, one would be forgiven for thinking that the singer-songwriter sings for fun but according to the middle childhood, her music has a message behind it.

“What I like about my music is that it has a message. I love what I do. I write most of my songs from my dreams but my parents help me with writing. I look up to Kholeka and Hlengiwe Mhlaba,” said the gospel star.

Like any parents, Ayazingca’s mother, Thumeka Mbeki, 30, is understandably proud of her daughter’s God-given talent.

“My daughter is a gift from God,”  said the happy mum.

“I’m so proud of her. I never thought at her age she’d be doing this.

“This is amazing. What Ayazingca has is special. When she sings I can see she is not just singing for the sake of doing it. She feels it inside.

“She’s different from other children. She doesn’t like the house music that other kids like. She just loves gospel.”


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  1. Luleka

    May our God continue to bless Ayazingca and I love her to bits,she is really adorable.God bless


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