Simangele “Sima” Mashazi, the Hammersdale born singer/songwriter who now resides in Stellenbosch, is bound to make lyrical and musical waves in the South African music industry.

Sima, who currently portrays the iconic Miriam Makeba, is no stranger when it comes to the big stage. She is an all-ingredients superstar in the making with her latest song, Bashadile, which promises to storm the local music charts. Her charming smile is the starting point to angelic musical voice that touches the very inner fibres of the soul.

Bashadile is Zulu for “They are married”. Sima says she was inspired by a childhood game where they would all stand in a circle, and then kids in the center would pick a partner to “marry”. “The ones left in the circle would then sing ‘Kusele mina ngedwa nje’, which means ‘I am the only one left, “Bonke bashadile” – they are all married.”

Working with Sima on this single, was the Cape Jazz pianist, Ramon Alexander and his band. The song was recorded at the Mahogany studios under the creative supervision of Shaun Johannes. Sima is a vibrant and talented singer. The pure and rich quality of her voice and her warm, engaging personality enchants and mesmerize everyone who comes in contact with her.

Bashadile will warm the soul, it will take you on a journey, it will make you fall in love with life and will make you a slave to the joys and enchantingly beautiful sounds of an angel called Sima.

The single is available on digital download and streaming platforms platforms such as iTunes and websites. Sima has arrived, and Bashadile will chant its way into the heart of each and every music lover, across all musical boundaries.

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