The chart-topping producer Mzee, the man who brought you the classic Mahuwelele and the anthems like Zvinosiririsa and Umoja, is back with a bang, after more than 5 years away from the music industry, as he was writing his now best selling memoir Nothing Left To Steal.

Mzee, real name Mzilikazi wa Afrika, is back with a brand new EP titled Africa Remembers, a deep conscious song with a very strong and deep political message.

As always, this time around Mzee introduces Rafiki – a Swahili word for friends – his old time collaborator DJ Godheaven and Juliano, a renown pianist, as his new comrades in arms.

DJ Godheaven has been with Mzee for years, a member of The A Team – a group of up and coming young producers at Bomba Records, Mzee’s record label, and also his protégés while Juliano has been playing piano for the award winning South African afropop group, Malaika.

Mzee and Rafiki have been hard at work at Bomba Records in Johannesburg cooking up a new album titled Timhamba (Ancestral Rituals) and this EP is a great taste of what is in store.

Mzee and Salif Keita during the recording of the song We are all Africans

Mzee and Salif Keita during the recording of the song We are all Africans. Picture credit: Supplied.

The vocalist on Africa Remembers, Brenda Mtambo, is a well-known singer with the multi-award winning gospel ensemble Joyous Celebrations. Mzee – who just did another song with the iconic Salif Keita titled ‘We are all African’ – wrote the song as brief synopsis of African history and a lecture for his children and fellow Africans.

The instrumental version of Africa Remembers features Tshepo Mngoma, a violinist and son of legendary South African songbird, Sibongile Khumalo.

The song Ama//haume pronounced as Amaqame – a !Kwe language for do you love, is featuring an elderly Khoisan woman Kashivi Andre on vocals and award winning Pops Mohamed on Kora. And the remix of the same song was done by a young up and coming producer, Mr Luu, from the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

The last song, Give Praises, is sang in Arabic by a spiritual singer from Turkey known as Ali. Mzee wrote the song as part of his spiritual journey and it is a cross-over between gospel and deep African house music.

African Remembers is not just an EP but a political wake up call and what the doctor has ordered for the dance floor. Mzee and Rafiki are here to ruffle some features and are going to get you hooked on the deep African house music again. Africa Remembers is the food for the soul and fuel for your feet.

The Bomba Records team is back to reclaim their crown and raise the South African flag across the globe.

1) Africa Remembers ft Brenda Mtambo

2) Africa Remembers ft Tshepo Mngoma (The Violin Revolution Remix)

3) Ama//haume ft Kashivi

4) Ama//haume ft Kishivi (Mr Luu Ibokwe Remix) and

5) Give Praises ft Ali.

All songs mixed, arranged and produced by Gordon “Godheaven” Netshikweta, Juliano “Juju” Dlamini and Mzilikazi “Mzee” wa Afrika

All songs recorded at Bomba Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa

Kashivi Andre vocals recorded at the SABC studios in Kimberly, South Africa by Mzilikazi wa Afrika

Kora played by Pops Mohamed at Kalamazoo Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa

All songs Mastered by Troy in Cape Town, South Africa

Executive Producer: Mzilikazi wa Afrika

Violin played by Tshepo Mngoma in Johannesburg, South Africa

Lunga Walter “Mr Luu” Rululu

Listen to Mzee’s EP here:

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