If you are still doubtful that the musical sound coming out of South Africa is of a world class quality, you have not listened to GOLD – the hit single by Rude World Records artist, Jerain.

It’s been three weeks since Jerain – a Namibian-born, Cape Town-based singer/songwriter – has released her latest offering; interestingly, the song has already been playlisted in various local radio stations, including East Coast radio, Good Hope and KFM.

Predicted to dominate the charts nationwide and live up to its golden standard, GOLD – described by the gifted urban-pop vocalist as her ‘struggle song’ – was co-written and produced by Jimmy Nevis, also signed to Rude World Records.

Admittedly, the single is very different from any of her previous releases, although it still features her signature pop vocals with hints of RnB.

“I call it my struggle song. It is about the ups and downs of the music industry. How much I love it, how long and hard I have worked. Every musician can relate; I’m sure. The rewards outweigh everything because you love being on stage and having a voice and just having people hear your work,” said the excited star.

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