The trouble started shortly after Bucie was crowned Best Female Artist of the Year, her first award ever, at the 21st SAMAs at the Superbowl in Sun City on Sunday night.

During her speech, somehow the overwhelmed Princess of House did not mention the producer of Easy to Love hit single – Heavy K.

Unimpressed and heartbroken by the singer’s acceptance speech, Heavy-K – real name Mkhululi Siqula, who was watching the event at home –  took to Twitter to express how disappointed he was over not being recognised by Bucie for his input.

Also known as Drumboss, the Port Elizabeth-born beat maker’s emotional tweet created a buzz on social media – which led to the release of his new song, Broken Heart, dedicated to the 28-year-old Get Over It hit single vocalist.

Heavy-k (1)

Unhappy Heavy K.

“When I was watching the SAMAs I was heartbroken. I don’t make music for money. I did not charge a production fee for studio time or any of that. I made ‘Easy to Love’ as a favour. I work hard to make whatever song I do a hit and that song was just that,” Heavy-K told Daily Sun.

Although some expected Bucie – born Busisiwe Nolubabalo Nqwiliso – to apologise, the singer-songwriter had a different version instead.

Speaking to Sowetan, the mother-of-one said: “It was an award for Bucie as an artist because I have been in the industry for song long.

“It was Female Artist of the Year, it wasn’t Best Female Song, or Best Female Album, but Female Artist, it’s the work that I have been doing, work that I have been putting in, in my craft like waking up everyday, going to studio, going to shows, shooting videos.

“So now I finally got awarded for that. That’s what Best Female artist award is about, I do not get what is going on, I am really confused.”

Just when people thought the talented duo might have settled the matter, Heavy-K is still bitter – and is using various media platforms, including radio stations, to air his pain. On Thursday morning, the Kalawa Jazmee artist told MoFlava, the presenter of Morning Fix at Metro FM, that he doesn’t want Bucie to ‘thank him’ publicly anymore – only a simple SMS will make him a happy man.

“I gave her [Bucie] a free beat and not even a single ‘thank you’ to this day. All I want is an SMS with two words: THANK YOU”

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