Beginning of November, the multi-award winning and triple platinum selling group, The Soil, will release their 3rd installment and seminal album, Echoes of Kofifi. The album is puntedas probably the most definitive record since their self-titled debut album more than 5 years ago.

A sequel to #nostalgic moments, Echoes of Kofifi is destined to find refuge in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. This reminds us of the creative souls that roamed the streets of Sophiatown, who brewed a sound that created jive and defiance.

Unable to conceal her excitement, Buhlebendalo Mda said:  “With this album, we want to remind our fans of the rich culture of Sophiatown; a black cultural hub – the epicenter of all that’s jazz, blues and wrapped in politics and was synonymous with the Harlem Renaissance.  We are paying tribute to those who laid the foundation for this culture and our sound of blackness; the likes of Mam Dorothy Masuka, Abigail Kubheka, Dolly Rathebe, Mirriam Makeba, Letta Mbulu and many more who came after them”. 

Ntsika, who is confident that the album is a destined for a Grammy, echoed the same sentiments and feels that “the album and the sound prompt us not to forget that the people who were forcibly removed from Sophiatown refused to leave behind theirs arts, their heritage, the literary writings, the politics and their cultural defiance, which was deeply embedded in their souls. They took the music with them and we are simply re-rendering echoes of Kofifi. We are just the carriers of sound of the forgotten”.

Phindo testifies, “Echoes of Kofifi represents the distant past, yet is present like yesterday.  It captures the distant past and freezes it in the present, so that the beautiful ones, who are not yet born, will live to tell a story they never experienced – no matter what time, space and moment it is”.

The single #Thambo Lam features one of the most celebrated rappers in South Africa, Kwesta, who has become a household name beyond just the hip-hop fraternity.  The song, which is the embodiment of how much The Soil has grown, will remind you of the times gone by. It is the song that definitely binds the young and the old and will take everyone down memory lane.

Theo Matshoba offers a brave and daring rendition in the track #Selfie. She rose to the occasion when the nation asked her to be the custodian of Buhle’s baton, during her brief sabbatical, she is invited to feature in the song #Selfie.  As would be expected, Theo does not disappoint; she carries the song with so much grace and soul.

Echoes of Kofifi is a sound that refused to be forgotten.  It is a sound of the people who refused to recoil under the heavy handedness of a system that was determined to break the spirit and a lifestyle that glued their collective struggles and the will to survive.

The Soil is a South African acapella 3-member group whose is a blend of contemporary township style and an eclectic mix of urban contemporary which fuses beat box and soul. The other three members of the group take a physical form: Buhlebendalo Mda, Luphindo Ngxanga, and Ntsika Fana Ngxanga.  The fourth member of the group exists in a spiritual form as The Creator of all.

Defined as Kasi Soul, the group’s music features (in a contemporary township style), an eclectic mix of musical genres such as jazz, hip hop, Afro-pop and Afro-soul).   The group’s musical style is evident in its rhythmic vocal bass line, with constant beat boxing – a distinct feature in the music – whilst the remaining voices contribute to the choral and polyphonic accompaniment.  Equal and up to the challenge, each of the group members take turns in solo vocal performance to display their most beautiful rendition of the melodic verses embedded in each song.

Another Native Rhythms album to be released by Universal Music Group on 4 November on iTunes and at music stores country wide from 18 November, including on Google Play, Simfy, Deezer, etc.

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