South African hip hop artist Crytp Keeper releases the hook driven Trap Rap offering, Something Outta Nothing – the debut single off his second hip hop project ‘Bete Noire’.

Following the success of his previous 2015 mixtape, Mind The Hill, the hit single has already been introduced to all radio stations nationwide.

Born Tshepo Mogase, Crytp Keeper worked with some heavyweights on this new track, produced By Co Kayn Beats – a producer responsible for working with big name Hip Hop acts such as Ricky Rick, Stoogi T, B3nchmarq and more.

In addition, the typical brag song is mixed by Inyambo “Nyambz” Imenda of Studio Next Door and finally mastered internationally by Andre Gonsalves Of ADGMastering, Toronto Canada.

Speaking of ‘Something Outta Nothin’, Crypt Keeper says: “The track is basically a typical rap brag song (about my life and how I believe I am better than the rest, with a bit of fiction here and there.

“The single is inspired by the new direction hip hop has been heading over the last year or so. The only songs that get decent airplay these days are ‘Trap. I decided to do one with my particular flair.”

All Crypt Keeper’s songs are personal and driven by his own life story. No one can tell the story better than he can and this feeds his passion and hunger to feed the masses and make a mark with his musical skills.

‘Something Outta Nothin’ is taken off the brand new album ‘Bete Noire’. This album is the second Full Length Crypt Keeper Project – his previous one being the 2015 released ‘Mind The Hill’ which featured the singles ‘Will You Be There’ and ‘Raise The Flag Up,’ both which had extensive radio play on prominent stations in South Africa.

CryptKeeper’s rapping style is inspired by 2Pac, Nas, Cage, Eminem, Talib Kweli and Lupe Fiasco. It applies complex rhyme schemes, syncopation, clear enunciation, infused with humor.

The musical Style incorporates conscious rap with a commercial appeal, piano driven hip-hop / trap tracks with a touch of pop rock influence.


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