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Ababalwe Maqeda of Westonaria is on the verge of reaching stardom on the ramp, having been announced as one of the finalists in the Miss International Heritage 2018 competition.

Originally from the Eastern Cape, Ababalwe started modelling in 2013 after moving to Westonaria. She said she was nothing but an ordinary young girl before entering this competition. “I grew up in warm, loving family with my three siblings, my mom and dad, and although I didn’t have everything I wanted, I had a good foundation. I was taught to help and share with others,” Ababalwe said.

She said being announced a Miss Heritage South Africa 2018 finalist makes her feel she is closer to her dream than ever.

“I have to be a good example and a great leader, and through this, I will be able to uplift the lives of young people,” she said.

When asked about some of her achievements, Ababalwe said, “Some people might think I have not achieved much, but I think I have. I can now face my fears as model. I have become confident enough to stand in front of a crowd and make a speech without taking any sort of drug”.

Abalalwe said her dream is to become a better version of herself and be a great role model for others through the Miss Heritage South Africa competition. She said she is part of a community project that collects and donates clothing items to the needy in her community, especially the children.

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