Hit Maker: Gino Brown

Hit Maker: Gino Brown

One of the 2013 Festive Season best hit singles that dominated top South African radio stations was Gino Brown feat. Mochachino Ochi – Body Language.

Its dominance was honoured with Metro FM Awards nomination in the Best Hit Single of the Year category – battling it out with the heavy-weights of SA music industry such as DJ Ganyani (Xigubu), Khuli Chana (Mnatebawen), Black Coffee (Buya) and AKA (Kontrol).

To carry on where he left of, Gino Brown, 26 – who started his musical career when he was in Grade 9 – is about to release another hot single, Vuka. This time the multi-talented musician features another talented female vocalist, Zandi – real name Zandile Ngcobo.

We caught up with the Alexander born DJ, artist and producer to find out more about his new jam.

– Tell us about your new single, Vuka?

Gino: My single is about waking up and doing something with our lives. It does not matter what type of a job or work you do, as long as it’s legal and it makes a difference in our lives. VUKA (Get Up) and shake the world…

– What was going through your mind when creating this song?

Gino: Well the beat was meant for another song but when I met Zandi, I asked if we could try something with the beats… and I wanted a song that will not only make people dance, but a song that will motivate them too. Then VUKA was born. Zandi is great with melody; she came up with the melodies and I helped with the words; she’s a great vocalist!

– How is this one different from Body Language?

Gino: Well, Body Language is more chilled and lighter on the drums. I did not consider it as a commercial track; I guess radio stations made it commercial – whereas VUKA is a commercial track, the drums are heavy and the song is very catchy. I love them both, though.

– Your first single earned you an award nomination at the 13th Metro FM Awards; do you think Vuka will have the same or bigger impact than Body Language?

Gino: I am confident about Vuka, because it speaks to everyone just like Body language. We will have to wait and see what happens.

– How is the response so far from those who have listened to Vuka?

Gino: The response is amazing! The song relates to all listeners – from your street vendors to your school kids. This song is not just for party goers, it is for everyone who gets up and makes something for themselves. That is the motivation of the song – Vuka!

– You featured Zandi this time, who is Zandi?

Gino: Zandi, aka Zandile Jongolo, is wonderful, extremely talented vocalist and a song writer. I strongly believe she is going to blow up! She appears three times on my upcoming album. I am so excited! I can’t wait for the world to hear this wonderful voice of hers.

– How did Body Language change your life?

Gino: Body Language was the catalyst. I’ve got one foot in the game because of the song. I was nominated for Metro FM Awards amongst the 3 kings in the game. Thank God for the idea of Body Language.

You can listen to VUKA here:

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