RikySocial networks went abuzz when the Hip Hop star Riky Rick, who is also an actor, was furious when his popular track Nafukwa’s music video was removed by You Tube on Saturday evening.

The infuriated rapper – real name Rikhado Makhado – who is half-Zulu and half-Venda, shared his sadness feelings on his Facebook page – and soon Nafukwa was trending on Twitter.

“I’m very sad about this. #NAFUKWA (Do It) has been removed by YouTube. Getting this song and video to y’all has been such a fight, my spirit has been hit down, doors have been slammed in my face and I am expected to smile and say I’m happy with the response for this project.

“This music video is my best visual work thus far, but I continue to be told the content is a problem. This video deserves to be seen. We [are] showing South African kids that there are no boundaries to their creativity, but some people continue to suggest there have to be boundaries.

“We designed beautiful T-shirts and were forced to pull them down. When will we be allowed to live? I am heartbroken about this, but I am a survivor in this game. I’ve been here for over 100 months and I’ll still never stop making music. I will upload the video again as soon as I can. If they take it down after that then I will have to wash my hands and continue with a project that will not cause me and my people so much pain. #NAFUKWA”

Ironically, Riky, born in Kwa-Mashu, Durban, was all cheered-up later when NAFUKWA went to number 1 on Live Amp Charts – the South African popular Friday-night music show, presented by DJ Warras, Luthando Shosha and Pearl Thusi.

“I can’t explain some of the crazy things the God makes happen. Just when u think you are loosing he turns it into a win. Thank you,” Tweeted the rapper.

Nafukwa Music Video:

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