South African award-winning and most unique Hip Hop star, IFani, has been performing in front of crowded music fans since the country introduced his talent to the public – and, for once, he never shared an overwhelming tear on stage. But that record is now broken, courtesy to Bloemfontein crowd.

Also famous for his oversized broken spectacles’s trademark, the IsiXhosa rapper, real name Mzayifani Boltina, was billed to perform at the Redds Street Carnival Festival last Friday at CUT (Central University of Technology) main campus – alongside Measureleague, Riky Rick, Tbo Touch, Speedsta and others. According to fans who attended the event, his performance stole the show, with screaming party goers chanting his name endlessly.

After his performance, the 32-year-old Iingoma Ezimnandi rapper – born in the Eastern Cape, in Umtata and grew up in Port Elizabeth – didn’t take long to update his 80K Twitter followers and more than 166K Facebook fans about Bloem’s first ever emotional experience.

He twitted: For the 1st time in my career, a crowd made me cry. Bloemfontein, THANK YOU for singing #IingomaEzimnandi for me like THAT! Wow!! Yho?!! #ReddsStreetCarnival #TsepeVScashTime

This comes after Ifani, who, in a tell all interview with the latest Move! magazine, opened up about his struggle as an abandoned child, whose parents left him to be raised by his grandmother, MaMthembu – who sadly died in 2010, the death that drove the talented artist to a mental institution.

“I was devastated [when MaMthembu passed away]. I wanted her to enjoy and see my success,” he said.

“There was too much I wanted to do for her. The news of her death was a real blow for me. I started asking many questions at work and some people were uncomfortable with that. This made life unbearable for me and ended up in a mental institution.”

Speaking of his mother, Ifani said: “I saw her [my mother] for the first time at MaMthembu’s funeral, after many years. It was a bizarre reunion.

He also recalled meeting his father once in a hotel in Boksburg after his aunt arranged the meeting.

“The meeting was odd. I felt like I was forcing myself on him, like someone who was after his inheritance. We look alike. The only other thing I remember about him is that he is an educated man with too many degrees,” said the host of SABC1 Stumpo Stomp AmaPantsula music show.

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