Tebogo-Ramokgadi_South Africa has produced many musicians from different parts of the country, and one of the townships that contributed by providing one of its talented artists is Phokeng, near Rustenburg, a town in the North West Province known as the capital of Royal Bafokeng Nation – where singer, songwriter and composer Tebogo Ramokgadi was born and bred.

The singer, 28, whose musical trip began at the age 12, is back with a hit single dedicated the universal greeting: Hello World.

Tebogo has followed various musical channels that any passionate musician is expected to follow; from studying music, winning music competition to being trained by one of the most respected vocal mentors in the country – RJ Benjamin.

Three years after Tebogo’s talent was discovered, the 15-year-old Top of the Pops singing competition contestant was crowned the champions. In 2004, the artist – who studied music at Eastside College and National School of Arts and holds a diploma in Contemporary Music – became Voice of Choice runner-up.

Known by Facebook friends for his signing off signature, I am Tebogo Ramokgadi, the fashion stylist’s memorable career highlights include performing alongside the iconic Hugh Masekela.

Tebogo’s international acclaimed African and Urban Pop debut album Simple Life was released in 2007. And the comeback single, Hello World, with its video already scheduled to be on national television soon, is part of the next anticipated album.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice of SA, Tebogo speaks about his next album/single and fashion.

What inspired the title of your album/single, Hello World?

TEBOGO: So many things inspired me, but most importantly I wanted to write about my life, I wanted to write about my current situation, and the bad things that I’ve encountered in my life. I decided to write Hello World to inspire those who want to enter the music industry. I wanted to show them the dark side of the industry, all that glitters is not gold.

Is the album out yet?

TEBOGO: No, this is a single release, and I’m still working on my album and it will only be out when I feel that the world is ready to hear it.

What has been the highlight of recording process and who did you work with?

TEBOGO: The highlights, was that everything came naturally, the lyrics came naturally to me and the recording process was just an easy flow and a little bit of a healing process. For the single Hello World, I wrote and produced the song, alongside a producer by the name of Dobbi.

What are you hoping to achieve with your next album?

TEBOGO: I’m hoping to touch many souls with this album. I want to educate and make sure people understand who Tebogo Ramokgadi is… where I come from and where I’m going through my music.

How is the response of Hello World single?

TEBOGO: Hello World is doing very good, and my people can’t wait to see the new video of this song. The response is amazing.

For people who haven’t heard your single, what can you tell them about Hello World.

TEBOGO: Hello World is one song that I really put my signature in it. If you know my music you will instantly fall for this song. It’s some of my best work.

What more can you tell us about your album?

TEBOGO: This coming album is more of a biography. Everything you want to know about me will be in this record, nothing but the honest truth. The album will be ready after 3 new music videos.

How does one describe Tebogo’s musical style?

TEBOGO: My music is very universal, very unique and it has my signature. I really describe it as world, though I have house beats on this new sound/single Hello World. I’m more experimental now.

Apart from music what else do you do?

TEBOGO: Apart from music I’m a fashion stylist and have my own line called T.R Exclusive. My life is music and fashion I fuse these 2 together.

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