Generations Boss Mfundi Vundla. Picture: Drum Magazine.

Generations founder Mfundi Vundla, who fired 16 actors over contract issues and wage disputes, has managed to convince Connie Ferguson to return back to the SABC1 popular soapie.

The actress, 44, who portrayed the character of Karabo Moroka, confirmed the news with Times Lives newspaper: ‘Yes I am coming back’ [to Generations].

Her confirmation comes after Drum magazine’s revelations of detailed Ferguson’s acceptance of an offer to reprise her famous role.

Speaking to the weekly magazine recently, Ferguson said: “I was there at the beginning of Generations… I respect its legacy. It would break my heart if it were to be remembered for the way it ended. So if there is something I can do to change that, I will.”

There is no hiding the fact that some, if not all, fired actors will not be impressed by Connie’s decision; however, regardless of who says what, the actress – who started with the show in 1994 until 2011 – has made up her mind.

“I understand all too well that people are quick to judge what they don’t understand. In all likelihood, such people will resort to name calling. . .

“I will be singing Christina Aguilera’s Keep on Singing My Song the whole time. The beauty of growing up is the wisdom that comes with it. I don’t feel the need for outside validation. My inner voice is louder than outside noise. I refuse to sit back and let Generations die an ugly death,” she said.

Generation will return on SABC 1 effectively on the 1st December.

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