South African hip hop star, Kwesta, has disappointed his fans deeply after he performed under the influence of alcohol in Tembisa, Gauteng, on Sunday night.

According to some frustrated event attendees, Kwesta, 27, from Katlehong in the East Rand of Johannesburg, was visibly drunk during his performance.

What enraged the crowd further is that the multi-award winning rapper – whose debut album Special Rekwest earned him a national stardom in 2010 – arrived late and did not finish his performance as scheduled.

In addition, the fact that the artist known for his deep voice and smooth delivery did not perform his current hit single, Nomayini, maximised the level of unhappiness from the screaming fans.

To his credit, the lyricist – born Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi – acknowledged his unimpressive entertainment and apologised later on social media platform.

“Apologies to my fans in Tembisa after my performance was cut short right as I was getting into my smash single #Nomayini,” Kwesta wrote to his 400 000+ Facebook fans and 54.4K Instagram followers.

Despite his apology, the respected MC shifted the blame to the promoter for organising what he described as ‘sub-standard production’.

“My departure angered a small group of people but my fans understood it wasn’t my fault. I wish that event organisers could stop taking short cuts when it comes to production,” said the Do It Like I Do hitmaker.

He added: “The promoter didn’t meet our rider specification but we tried to make do with the sub-standard production to give the thousands of fans the performance they’d waited all night for.”

The angry fans, however, defended the promoter and blame the artist.

phindi_thee_zulugirl_msibi, one of the witnesses, said: “Mxm bullshit….u came late nd sang wat!!! Two songs than u stood thr fr secs after that u left…..ur show was nver cut short,,,ur the one who cutd it short sooo pls dnt give us tht,,,was lookng forward to see u but kwadalwa ngathi njeh……soooo plssss save ur apologies fr ppl who actually cares…..nxan!!”

It took 324 words for Puleni Toonboi SwatiNator Simelane to utter his frustration and disappointment with Kwesta’s drama.

 “As a fan of yours who was at the show when everything happened I’d like to correct and disagree with your statement…Firstly you arrived late Kwesta,apologies when made on your behalf and we didn’t have a problem, we waited to see Mr K1GOD.Secondly on your statement you contradicting yourself with your statement…you saying”the performance was cut short right when you where about to go ham on your smash single but you come back to say if organisers could stop taking short cuts on productions shows won’t be cut short with my understanding of that statement it simple means that YOU cut the show short, as everyone saw that your guys cut the music off, you and your guys planned that stunt, same time the music cut off you didn’t even wait to find out what was happening but instead you got off the stage same time and got into the vehicle. Thirdly you came to your so-called fans to perform for them drunk, I was so disappointed as a fan to see you drunk and pulling tricks cutting your own show and pretend as if it’s the organisers fault or the “sub-standard production” you talking about.The”sub-standard production you talking about has hosted BIGGER artist than you…you complained about not having enough mics,I don’t understand why you want more than one mic when it’s you only Kwesta performing not a group…you where given the mics,you drunk you can’t even stand straight…I don’t care about you drinking Mr K1GOD,I drink myself but I don’t go to my work drunk you know why cz I I respect umsebenzi wam…I wouldn’t say you don’t respect your fans but what you did there in Tembisa you didn’t respect us as your fans.Lastly you must stop making organisers look bad because of your doings cz I believe if you and the organisers didn’t reach an agreement or not have been paid you would have not even came there to waste your energy and perform 2 songs.”

Kwesta is currently promoting his current single, Nomayini – which is available on iTunes.

Picture credit: Facebook. 

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