After surviving 56 days in the Big Brother Mzansi house, Ace and Ntombi walked away with the R2m grand prize.

The charismatic pair, who was the last original pair left standing, stole the hearts of South Africans by winning 62% of the public vote.

The soul mates have been together five years and have a son together.

Channel24 spoke to the millionaires about their plans with the money, the best and worst moments and the life lessons learnt.

Channel24: What was the first thing you did when you got out of the house?

Ace: We popped the bottle of champagne and we went straight to bed. That is all. We were very tired.

Channel24: What do you plan on doing with the money?

Ace: So far we’re not sure yet, but we have our plans. We’re going to let everything settle in …

Ntombi: We’re going to have to sit down and talk about it.

Channel24: Did you at any moment think that you would win it? When did the possibility become real?

Ace: No never. I think the possibility became real when we actually walked into the Big Brother house. We played the competition with a lot of possibility. We didn’t want to show too much confidence because it could have come across as arrogance. We didn’t want to be too hopeful and set ourselves up for disappoint.

Ntombi: We told ourselves that we would enjoy every moment of the experience and entertain the viewers as much as we can.

Channel24: You have a huge fan base, what do you think made you so popular with the viewers?

Ace: At the first live show we told SA that we were here to represent each and every person out there. I proudly call myself the son of the concrete jungle. I think a lot of people could relate to Ntombi and I.

Ntombi: And me! They always call me this crazy chick.

Channel24: What were some of your best and worst moments in the Big Brother house?

Ace: The first day we entered the house, when we won the dance off, the sing off and making the music video.

Ntombi: Dancing during the dance off, did you see that!

Ace: And when we were eating. Those were some of the best times.

Channel24: What are the biggest life lessons you learned while in the house?

Ntombi: Learn to get to know everyone and never expect to be loved by everyone. Always be yourself. Calm down and operate like a cellphone. I always used to say that.

Ace: Whatever life you live and whoever you are be proud of it. Always look forward to the best, be positive and things will come to you when you work hard.

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