The fairy tale written by Ngoako Malatji and Aubrey Mthombeni on Sunday is just that, a fairy tale. These two journalists, between themselves have never written one story about Muvhango, or myself, that was correct and factual. Not one story. That is a pitiful record for someone who calls himself a reporter.

I ran into Aubrey Mthombeni a while ago and mentioned this to him, that he needs to be worried that all the stories he has written about Muvhango are fabrications that are so far from the truth. I mentioned that if I were him I would be worried for his own sake and his own development in the journalistic fraternity, (but I doubt if these things matter to people like him and Ngoako). His partner in crime in this instance is worse.

There has been so many instances where I have had to take Ngoako to his editors as his obsession with me had gone to crazy proportions and each time I have taken him to his superiors his fabrications have not seen the light of day. Each time he keeps threatening that he will get me one day. Obsession to a scarily sick level. We live to see yet another day when we go about our business and continue working and trying to change people’s lives. But then I digress!

Word Of Mouth Pictures signed a three year contract with the SABC which expires this August. We can’t in the middle of that arbitrarily sign actors to three year contracts. In other words, you can’t join the production in 2015 and hope to sign a three year contract when our own contract runs out in 2016. A simple research would have delivered these news to these two sensational reporters. Besides, our contractual arrangements with our actors are a matter of confidentiality with each individual person.

So next time, the two gentlemen should know that the so called actors coming to them with a “scoop” will actually be the actors who are not on three year contracts, and who will have no idea what somebody else’s contractual terms are, both monetarily and length wise. Because not everyone falls into the three year category. There are many characters who come in for three month arcs, and sometimes six months arcs. We are not umgodi ongagcwali ovele abe ngu kenang bohle!

Picture credit: Veli Nhlapo

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Born in Orlando West, Soweto, South African, Duma ka Ndlovu is a filmmaker, poet, playwright, journalist, and TV producer. He was professor of African history and African-American literature at New York's Stoneybrook University in the eighties and between 1996 and 2004 he was chairman of the SA Music Awards (SAMA).

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