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MUVHANGO Production team would like to disassociate ourselves from the acting scam currently making rounds in and around Johannesburg. The scam invites prospective actors to audition or screen test for different characters at 224 Louis Botha avenue Orange Groove venue in Orange Grove for a fee of R300.

“The scammers unfortunately used the name of a casting agency we have been doing business with for years and as a result, we are left with no choice but to cut ties with Becky Casting Agency as their name was roped in from an e-mail we had sent to the agency,” says Muvhango Associate producer, Morishe Matlejoane.

Production companies don’t charge a fee for auditions or screening and any company or individual who does so, is committing fraud. We would like to encourage the victims of this scam to report the matter at the police station nearest to the venue of the bogus auditions.


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